I'm pumped that you're wanting to chat my friend! If you're near me, let's grab a beer and hang :) or, include your phone number in your message if you'd like to text or set up a phone call. Let me know your Q's and I can't wait to get to know you!
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You'll get an online album that's privately published on my Client Portal. All of your photos will be available there to download. Your session stays on the Portal for one year. 

Where can I access my photos?

I'll give you a little guide before your shoot on what to expect and tips on what to wear! Quick tip: realistically think about outfit changes against the time we have together to shoot!

How many outfits can I bring for a portrait session?

I'm always down for a rainy shoot if you are ;) But if you aren't feeling it, no worries at all. We'll reschedule! I always keep track of the weather, and I'll check in with you in advance if I see things gettin' squirrelly. 

What if it rains?

You'll get everything. I care way more about quality than quantity. Why put a number on an adventure? I got you. 

How many photos will I recieve?

Totally. I'm all for a good support team!

I charge a fee for taking old sessions out of storage. I highly recommend keeping your session in a place you can easily access it :)

Can I still have access to my session after a year?

Frequently Asked questions:

Can I bring my partner/friend with me?

- Adrian + Colton, couples session

“Never have I ever worked with someone so kind, fun, and easy going. Emma made me feel so comfortable in every way and we wouldn’t have been able to get the pictures we did without her wicked talent and above all pure heart and passion."

- Betsy, bride

"Emma is an incredible photographer who exceeds all expectations not just in the quality of her work, but through her effervescent personality. We had a tiny wedding, and she captured the special and intimate feeling perfectly. I can’t explain how much these memories are enhanced by the accuracy and honesty I can see from her perspective and style as a photographer." 

- Tori, portrait session

"Emma rocks!!! She's such a fun person to work with and is so passionate about making the session personalized and exactly what you are looking for!!!! I HIGHLY recommend her work!!"

- Alyssa, brand lifestyle session

“One of Emma's unique special skills is her ability to make anyone feel confident and comfortable. Even in the 100+ degree Oklahoma summer I completely forgot about the heat with the fun we were having!!”

- Margaret, portrait session

"She has so much wonderful energy and is as willing as yourself to try out wacky or different things. She makes sure your comfort is her number one priority! I was laughing through my whole session and had such a great time.” 

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