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Hey! I'm Emma :) I'm  a wedding, elopement, and lifestyle portrait photographer. I've been capturing the most unique and moving visual stories of some pretty badass people for over 11 years, and I can't think of anything cooler than that!
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Meet Emma

Change is Good. Change is Necessary.

Food for Thought

Welcome to Emma Sharp Photography’s new look!! Rebranding is no joke, y’all! So why did I do it? Several reasons, but I’ll start with the obvious. I think change is really good. Yes, consistency is key for reliability and it’s crucial towards helping you understand how and why I do what I do, but you can be reliable and consistent through change. Keeping things varied as an artist helps me push my boundaries to new levels I wouldn’t have come to if I just kept doing the same thing.  I’ve spent thousands of hours going over the details, fine-tuning my new edits, and getting ready for everything I’m revealing today. Please join me in celebrating this milestone!! I’m beyond thrilled.

If you’re new here, welcome! I hope you’ll follow along and reach out. I’d love to get to know you and collaborate someday! This rebranding is the culmination of about 3 years of letting my business be put to the side while I refocused many aspects of my life. I also got two degrees along the way, no biggie, just had to share but I digress ;). I’ve put a lot of work towards putting myself first and getting to know what I really want out of Emma Sharp Photography. I took on some local photoshoots here and there by word of mouth, but other than that I kept things pretty low. Thank you to those that supported my business during that time! Amid my ongoing career as an opera singer, I’ve worked behind the scenes towards making this re-launch 100% authentic towards my core values. I am so proud to reveal just that!

These past 3 years were my biggest years of change. I learned to truly love myself, be proud of my accomplishments and my failures, and prioritize mental and physical health. I also suffered intense loss, went through traumatic incidents that caused life-changing shifts in perspective, and faced the process of weeding out relationships that weren’t serving me well. To top it off, COVID-19 threw our world a curveball that has forced each and every one of us to accept and embrace change. A lot of this change was a long time coming. We NEED police reformation, we NEED everyone to understand that Black Lives Matter, we NEED to have people in office that speak the truth. Change is good, and change is necessary. Whether we’re ready for it or not.

These years of change have taught me to hold on tightly to things that provide mental medicine and goodness for my soul. These are the things I’ll continue to embody in my business, and I want you to feel their presence in your session with me. I value mental medicine like laughter so intense you can’t breathe, the joy of fly fishing in the remoteness of nature with my banjo-pickin’ dad, the feeling of taking a step outside in the snow and listening to a loud city become quiet, and just sitting on the couch with my mom binge watching Deadliest Catch until 3am. I feel like the world would be so less angry if we just prioritized love and appreciated the things that allow us to dive inward with ourselves and each other.

Here are some things I’ve changed with Emma Sharp Photography (but don’t worry, these are just technical things!). You’ll see that my photos are warmer, more romantic, and emotionally charged within the edits. I’m headed towards a more ‘playful realness’ instead of a journalistic vibe. But above all editing magic, I still take pride in making my sessions incredibly fun and relaxed. I want you to be able to look back at these for years to come and remember every moment, feeling, and detail the way it was. Timeless. This has been my philosophy from day one, and that will never change.

I believe true artistry comes from my experience combined with the natural magic created by the season of life you’re shining in. This is what I hold dear to my heart, because I’m constantly reminded through my clients of how lucky I am to be in a profession that allows me to share in the joy and happiness of others. I want this to be much more than a photoshoot for you. I want this experience to bring you closer to your person – I want this to light fire to your inner confidence – I want this to remind you how vibrant and badass you are. Let this bring out your giddy little kid joy.

Your story is bold. It’s unique – it’s wild – it’s real. Every season of life you’re in is worth being celebrated, and I hope you’ll invite me to join in on the party.  

Creatively yours, Emma

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